YAPC::NA 2006 Video Presentations

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Monday, June 26

Time Auditorium Ballroom Expo Alumni
8:30 Conferences for Beginners
Jim Brandt, brian d foy
9:00 Opening Ceremonies
Josh McAdams
9:20 Keynote
Larry Wall
10:20 Break
10:30 Keynote
The Perl Foundation
11:00 Break
11:15 Perl Program Repair Shop
Mark Jason Dominus
Pitfalls of Perl: Common mistakes of Perl novices, and how to avoid them
Tim Maher
PPI: Transforming Perl
Jeffrey Goff
Crafting Custom Interfaces with Sub::Exporter
Ricardo Signes

Lunch: 12:00-13:30, on your own

Time Auditorium Ballroom Expo Alumni
13:30 PITA - Ridiculously Large Scale Testing
Adam Kennedy
svk: Version Control without the Headaches
Chia-Liang Kao
Managing a Giant Perl Project
JT Smith
Presto! Automagic Object Storage
Rob Kinyon
13:55 A Plugin System for Perl
Steven Lembark
14:20 Perl as a Glue Language
Get out of Technical Debt Now!
Andy Lester
Using Perl for High-Speed DNA Comparison With W-Curves
Steven Lembark
14:45 Assuring Quality
Dictybase - A Perl Based Life Science Application
Sohel Merchant
15:05 Break
15:25 JSAN, AJAX and Perl
Dave Rolsky
Eversion 101: An Introduction to Inside-Out Objects
David Golden
Learn Perl Inside Out
Tom Legrady
Designing for Pluggability
Joe McMahon
16:15 AJAX for Perl Programmers
Cees Hek
Writing Better Regular Expressions
How Perl::Critic Facilitates Code Best Practices
Chris Dolan
RSA Algorithm via Examples
Jim Martinez
16:40 Lint
Joshua ben Jore
Hacking iTunes and PSP with Perl
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

Tuesday, June 27

Time Auditorium Ballroom Expo Alumni
8:30 An Overview of Perl 5.10
Steve Peters
UR - Universal Relational Software Framework
Scott Smith
Some Notes on Using the Perl Debugger
Steven Lembark
Using Object::InsideOut
Jerry Hedden
8:55 Perl 6 Update
Larry Wall, Damian Conway
9:20 Building a Workflow Engine with POE and mod_perl
JT Smith
Successful and Maintainable Testing for Database Backed Applications
Jason Gessner
Shrinkwrap Software Development with Perl, PAR and SOAP
Chris Dolan
10:05 Break
10:25 Learning Perl 6
Randal Schwartz, brian d foy
A Quick Introduction to Catalyst
Kevin Falcone
The Reluctant Web Tester
Joe McMahon
Module::Compile - A Shrewd Axe
Ingy döt Net
10:50 Catalyst-based Weblog Software
Jonathan Rockway
11:15 Introducing the Solstice Framework
Miles Crawford, Patrick A. Michaud
Automated Web Testing with Selenium
Luke Closs
Two or Three Things I Learned About Maintaining CPAN Modules
James Keenan

Lunch: 12:00-13:30, on your own

Time Auditorium Ballroom Expo Alumni
13:30 Perl 6 Compiler Status and the Parrot Compiler Toolkit
Patrick Michaud
Introduction to Mason
Dave Rolsky
Perl Hacks You Never Imagined
Wile Coyote’s Tool Box: The Acme Namespace, 20 Minutes, 60 Modules
José Castro
13:55 Reusing the Pugs Test System for Fun and Profit
Gaal Yahas
14:20 Compiling Perl 6
Yuval Kogman
Leveraging Mason to Build a Flexible, Localized Framework
Jason Gessner
Perl White Magic: Special Variables and Command Line Switches
José Castro
5 Easy Ways to Breathe AJAX Life Into an Existing Application
Michael Peters
14:45 Jifty
Jesse Vincent
15:05 Break
15:25 Deploying Perl 6
Audrey Tang
Moose - It’s the New Camel
Stevan Little
Porting Mac::Carbon to Intel
Chris Nandor
Subversion Best Practices
Ben Collins-Sussman
15:50 7 Essential CGI::Application Plugins
Michael Graham
Javascript Hacks for Perl Hackers
Ingy döt Net
16:15 A Peek Into Pugs Internals
Gaal Yahas
Plagger - DIY RSS/Atom Aggregation
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
XML Digital Signatures and SXIP 2.0 Claims
David Huska

Wednesday, June 28

Time Auditorium Ballroom Expo
8:30 Higher-Order Perl
Mark Jason Dominus
How to Join the Perl Community
José Castro
Parrot — Evolution
Chip Salzenberg
9:10 Testing Parrot
Jerry Gay
9:20 So You Want to Write About Perl!
brian d foy
9:50 Parsers, Perl 6 Rules, and the Parrot Grammar Engine (Part 1)
Patrick Michaud
10:05 Break
10:25 Pragmatic Job Hunting
Andy Lester
Parsers, Perl 6 Rules, and the Parrot Grammar Engine (Part 2)
Patrick Michaud
10:45 Parrot Target Practice
Will Coleda, Patrick Michaud
11:15 Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong
Adam Kennedy
11:25 How to Eat a Punie Elephant
Allison Randal

Lunch: 12:00-13:30, on your own

Time Auditorium Ballroom Expo
13:30 Lightning Talks
15:00 Break
15:15 Closing Ceremonies
Josh McAdams
15:30 Keynote
Damian Conway
16:20 Town Hall Meeting