YAPC::NA 2006 — Chip Salzenberg

Parrot - Evolution

Creative Commons Attribution + Share Alike 2.5
2006-06-28 8:35 AM CST
34 Minutes, 33 Seconds

The Parrot virtual machine is best known as the primary target platform for Perl 6. But Parrot is much more than that. It is a general platform for almost any language, focussing on the special needs of dynamic languages - all of them, at the same time. Have you ever wanted to use Perl's CPAN archive from Python, or mix Perl 5 and Perl 6 code with Python modules, or call APL subroutines from Basic? This is the Parrot vision.

Chip Salzenberg, Architect of the Parrot virtual machine, will explain Parrot's architecture as it is and shall be. He will start by explaining Parrot's overall architecture, with a focus on recent evolution, such as cross-language support for namespaces and lexical variables, and future evolution on the horizon. He will point out how Parrot's intrepid developers have made Parrot better and stronger (we have the technology!) to meet the changing needs of today's language implementors. He will then set out the road map for Parrot's future.

Chip Salzenberg, Parrot Architect, will explain the architecture of Parrot, its recent evolution, its future, and how you can be part of that future.


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