YAPC::NA 2006 — Adam Kennedy

PITA - Ridiculously Large Scale Testing

Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
2006-06-26 1:46 PM CST
49 Minutes, 29 Seconds

The Perl testing modules, unified through TAP (the Test Anything Protocol) have been hugely successful.

But one large problem remains. Perl runs on 100+ platforms, and could be any of 20+ versions on each. This incredible diversity means that it has become a massive task to test even a single module on a reasonable set of platforms, a total Pain In The Arse (PITA). Even CPAN Testers is at its scaling limit, and starting to buckle under the strain.

This talk will unveil the Practical Image Testing Architecture (PITA), an automated mass-testing toolkit based on the concept of Completely Virtualised Testing. The goal, to test any variation of any software package, in any language, on any operating system, on any hardware. And then to test everything, everywhere.


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