YAPC::NA 2006 Video Presentations

For the 2006 Yet Another Perl Conference in Chicago, we at MediaLandscape Software volunteered our services and our beta software to record the conference speakers and their slides. We did this because we love Perl and because we wanted some guinea pigs for our new desktop application, MediaLandscape Presenter for Video Podcasters.

Below you will find links to the captured video-narrated presentations. In each case, the YAPC speaker has generously agreed to allow us to distribute their talks — the license terms are described each page. Please enjoy them and share with your colleagues and friends. Questions about the talks themselves should be addressed to the authors. Technical questions should be directed to cpan@clotho.com.

About MediaLandscape Software

MediaLandscape Software creates tools for accentuating web-enabled presentations. We are a division of Clotho Advanced Media, Inc. We are active members of the Perl community and are big fans of open standards and non-lock-in products.

The Presentations

Below are all of the presentations which we captured where the speaker has granted redistribution rights. If you were a YAPC speaker and you wish your presentation to be added to this list, please contact us.